We follow research based programs that has transformed
thousand of lives. Our tailor made programs revolved around
the concept of overall development of the child!

For Teachers:

Trivium Transforming Minds (TTM) has developed programs for teachers that acts as a catalyst in their professional growth. Here is why one can opt for these programs:

  • Research Based Modules - "The Attribution Styles Of Secondary School Teachers & The Academic Climate Of The Classroom."
  • Has Devised Tools To Help Teachers Identify Their Strengths
  • Tailor Made Programs
  • Easy, Simple & Wise Investment
  • Tools, Techniques & Strategic Approach To Deal With Gadget Empowered Generation

How We Help Teachers!

  • How to deal with mixed ability class?
  • How to identify Suicidal Tendencies?
  • Understanding the symptoms of Addiction.
  • How to deal with Relationships?
  • Personal Skills - EQ; Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty; Work Life Balance
  • Self - Leadership; Resilience; Empathy; Enthusiasm.
  • Dealing with Diversity within a TEAM.
  • Leadership: Team Building, Strategic Planning, Crisis Management
  • Professional: Diversity Awareness, Intercultural Competence, Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Interpersonal - Dealing with Difficult People; Personal Branding; Institutional Politics
  • Creativity - Problem Solving; Critical Thinking; Troubleshooting


Research based modules, tailor made programs and a complete follow up program for a continous development are the key elements at Trivium for academics.

For Teachers

TTM has developed programs for teachers that act as a catalyst in their professional growth. Read more to know why one should opt for these programs.

For Parents

At Trivium we believe, with proper guidance and support, parents can be trained to help their child in their growing years of education and development.