We follow research based programs that has transformed
thousand of lives. Our tailor made programs revolved around
the concept of overall development of the child!Soft Skills Enhancement Services has developed a niche in coaching and training individuals of various ages and backgrounds in enhancing their effectiveness in soft skills with Diversity.

Strong Self Personality

Working in the corporate section of the industry can be a very hectic profession. One needs to be on their toes all the time. Such work life makes it difficult of an employee to concentrate on soft skill development and building a strong self personality. Trivium gives an opportunity to organizations to help their employees overcome this, helping them to retain/regain their confidence at work place and at personal front as well.

How We Help All Professionals!

Tailor made program as per the need of the organization

  • Communication Skills and Etiquettes
  • Leadership - Team Building; Strategic Planning; Crisis Management
  • Professional - Diversity Awareness, Intercultural Competence, Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • Influencing - Collaborating; Motivating; Inspiring; Persuasion
  • Interpersonal - Dealing with Difficult People; Personal Branding; Office Politics
  • Creativity - Problem Solving; Critical Thinking; Troubleshooting
  • Personal Skills - EQ; Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty; Work Life Balance;
  • Self - Leadership; Resilience; Empathy; Enthusiasm
  • Personality Development
  • Dealing with Diversity
  • How to Achieve those Deadlines Stress Free?
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Discipline


Education Sector

Research based modules, tailor made programs and a complete follow up program for a continous development are the key elements at Trivium for academics.

Hospitality Industry

Helping the industry professionals to create that balance Growth in the sector for them to be in par with their competitors and retain their valued customers

Health Care

Training to Communicate with patients, doctors, relatives of patients, seniors and juniors. Polishing Etiquettes - Grooming, Hygiene & Gestures

Professional Service Industry

We expertise in as a POSH Trainer, Soft Skill Training, Career Development. Communication, Leadership, Creativity are some of the traits we work on!

Online Services

TRIVIUM formally introduces Online Services in a safe and secure environment with professional counselors helping individuals from various walks of life.