Patient care and medical technology are always evolving and improving; this is why training and development doesn't end in school. Further education is required, and part of it needs to be accomplished within the hospital itself.

Soft-Skill Development

Despite a fast paced life at the hospitals, medical associates need to keep their training on-going. This stands true especially for nurses & ground staff that interacts with patients every second. Soft-Skill Development program with Trivium will help them increase their confidence, improves their overall performance and encourage cooperation. Training constantly motivates them to a satisfactory level and they value their contribution in the welfare of their patient.

How We Help Hospitals!

  • Communication Skills with Patients, Doctors,
    Relatives of Patients, Seniors and Juniors
  • Dealing with Cultural Diversity
    of Patients and Staff
  • Challenge and Motivate Yourself
  • Create Work Life Balance as the Duty Calls
  • Self Control and Self Discipline
  • Etiquettes - Grooming, Hygiene & Gestures


Education Sector

Research based modules, tailor made programs and a complete follow up program for a continous development are the key elements at Trivium for academics.

Hospitality Industry

Helping the industry professionals to create that balance Growth in the sector for them to be in par with their competitors and retain their valued customers

Health Care

Training to Communicate with patients, doctors, relatives of patients, seniors and juniors. Polishing Etiquettes - Grooming, Hygiene & Gestures

Professional Service Industry

We expertise in as a POSH Trainer, Soft Skill Training, Career Development. Communication, Leadership, Creativity are some of the traits we work on!

Online Services

TRIVIUM formally introduces Online Services in a safe and secure environment with professional counselors helping individuals from various walks of life.