World Trade Expo 2018 & Youth Leader Internship

28th October, 2018

Team Trivium was at the WTC World Trade Expo 2018 along with our Youth Leader Interns. Our youth interns got to interact with dignitaries from 30 countries inlcluding the High Commissioner of Hungary and High Commissioner of Rwanda. A three day event, our interns learnt and applied Soft-skills based on Communication, Leadership and Interpersonal Skills.

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Speaker at the Rotary Club of Bombay

18th October, 2018

It was an honour to be a speaker at the Rotary Club of Bombay West. Spoke on the topic "EQ - Role in the Changing Society". An icing to the cake was meeting my teacher Mrs. Saroj Rao. Happy and grateful to receive an award of appreciation. The President and the Rotarians were very happy to receive a plant as our gesture of gratitude in the form of an recycle newspaper with seeds that grow into a plant.

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Juhu Beach Clean - Up Drive

12th October, 2018

Trivium with students were at Juhu beach Distributed the Trivium Kit to students who volunteered for this novel cause of Juhu Beach Cleanup Drive by Trivium. The kit includes a study plan sheet, name tag labels, badge, doodle book and a few study inspirational quotes. and yes we did dirty our hands for a cause! Cleaning drive at the beach was a learningful experience for all of us.

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DIDAC India, New Delhi

4th October, 2018

At DIDAC India, Delhi! It's -the largest and India's only education conference, exhibition and training recourse event! Glad to be a part of such a big event! Meeting and networking with new professionals across the globe!

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TISS - The Art of Facilitation Workshop

4th August, 2018

Mrs. Amita Jain believes that one should never stop learning. She seeks for knowledge and this drove her to participate in The Art of Facilitation workshop at Tata Institute of Social Sciences. It was a certified course involving amazing teachings like Buddy Paring - A Strong Tool for Growth.

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"International Career Counselling" For Students

29th July, 2018

There are many career opportunities opening up for students in India and well as world wide. We conducted a session on the same for students and parents from Grade 8 to Grade 12.

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Seminar talk at Mahavir Medical Research Center

16th June, 2018

We took a seminar talk on "Communication Skills at the Work Place" at the prestigious hospital Mahavir Medical Research Center (MMRC). My listeners involved Dr. Wagale and his team who made an amazing audience.

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